Mobile Cricket Betting

Cricket has never been one of the major sports in the USA, but despite this, cricket betting is starting to take off in the country in a big way! With the growth of the mobile sports betting industry, US punters are starting to look beyond the typical betting sports, and this is why cricket betting has become an option at many of the top US mobile betting sites. If you are looking for where to find these sites, then you have come to right place!

Just take a look around, and you will find links to the finest US mobile sportsbetting sites that the USA has to offer. Our team has spent hours and hours researching and testing these top sites, in order to ensure that mobile punters receive the very best user experience when accessing and using these mobile sites directly from the screen of their phone. With fixtures taking place all around the world, punters are able to enjoy placing bets throughout the year. It’s only a matter of deciding on which matches you want to place your bet, and then taking the next step of actually placing the wager!

Cricket Bets for US Punters

There are some major cricketing events that take place around the world, all of which offer some great betting opportunities to US punters. The biggest tournament is the Cricket World Cup, which takes place every 4 years. Just within this single event, there are a whole range of mobile betting options available. You could bet on who you think will win the tournament overall. Or you might want to wager on who will win each of the first round groups, or even just who will win individual matches. Directly from the screen of your mobile device, you might choose to wager on which player will be the leading run scorer, or who will take the most wickets.

A new feature of mobile cricket betting is being able to wager on which player you reckon will hit the most sixes in the tournament. The point is that at the top US mobile betting sites, there are a wide variety of options available to punters. Going beyond the World Cup, there are cricket leagues and tournaments taking place around the globe. There are even cricket betting options for tournaments like The Ashes, where England takes on Australia in some closely fought Test Matches. You can sit in your lounge in America, and place bets on matches taking place around the world.

Win with Cricket Betting

Have a look at our site, and then go and explore the best US mobile betting sites that we have listed. These sites offer some great cricket betting opportunities, which might be a nice change from the other sports you have been betting on in the past. Registering for cricket betting at these mobile sites is a breeze, and will only take you a few minutes. Depositing cash is just as easy, and so there should be no delays in getting that first bet placed! Every bet has a chance of winning, so make sure you get your wagers placed, and then sit back and enjoy watching a game of cricket!