For Americans, betting on the National Basketball League is a fun and often profitable pastime and for many it’s become just as exciting as watching the Lakers take on the Celtics or the Hawks take on the Knicks. With mobile NBA betting now available at the top USA online sportsbooks this type of wagering has become even more enthralling and the freedom to bet whenever, wherever right down to the line is phenomenal. With 30 franchised clubs and a season that features 82 games, there’s plenty of action and the opportunity to place big bets is ever present.

At the mobile betting sites we recommend American NBA fans can enjoy wagering on their android, iPhone, iPad or other popular brand smartphone or tablet. To ensure you enjoy a premium wagering experience we bring you the very best mobile bookmakers and ensure that every second you spend indulging in NBA betting is rewarding in as many ways as possible.

NBA Betting Options

Part of the appeal of NBA Betting is that there are so many different facets of the game and the League to bet on, so whether you are wagering on transfers, off-season or pre-seasons games, or on the Final Four, Highest points scorer of the season or winner of the Championship, there’s plenty of chances for you to predict a winner.

With each game there’s always a standard point spread with a favorite and an underdog and when enjoying NBA betting it’s important to take note of this and to observe the odds of each. Additionally there will be totals on offer which are tallied by adding up the combined points from each of the teams playing and if you are to win your bet will have had to exceed this amount. There are moneylines which are essentially bets with absolutely no point spread and each side is given odds based on them winning outright. Bettors can also place futures bets that entail odds being given well ahead of a game, player proposition bets which see you wager on a single players stats such as their points scored, assists or rebounds and parlays and teasers. With so many differ options available in NBA betting you can see why the mobile version of this style of wagering has been such a big hit, as Americans can keep tabs on the games and bet whenever and wherever they choose.

Mobile NBA Betting Tips

For Americans using their mobile to enjoy NBA betting there are also a number of tips that can help you streamline your wagering and enjoy a potentially successful outcome.

  • Knowing whether the game is home or away is always important as having the home advantage is a huge benefit to NBA teams. Before you place your bet check which team is on home ground.
  • Injuries in the NBA are rife and the fast pace of the game can see a player suddenly benched. With the games being so physical you may find a team’s star player is suddenly out of the game, changing the dynamics dramatically and putting new spin on your wagers.
  • Every NBA game will have trends and this determine what kind of streak the team is on. Before you decide who to bet on, check whether they are enjoying a losing or winning streak, what their performance has been like recently and what sort of points have been scored in recent games.

Using your head when NBA betting is also essential; don’t go and wager a huge sum on your favorite team simply because they are playing, even if they have been on a losing streak, plagued by injuries and are at a home ground disadvantage. Thanks to the top US mobile bookmakers you can check all this information up front and make sure that you place solid bets on the best possible outcome.

Pick one of our US-friendly mobile bookies and discover just how exciting NBA betting can be.