Mobile Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is very popular in America, whether you are playing, watching or betting on the games. Today, with mobile technology, you can access the best sites and betting possibilities from wherever you are and whenever you want, and can also do as much in-depth research as you like with a few simple finger-swipes. There are many different wagering possibilities, and the more time you spend investigating these the more you will know the ones that are best for you. To get you started, we have put together the main ice hockey betting options for you.

Money Line bets

These are common and easily understood bets in the mobile American ice hockey betting range. The only thing you need to do is name the team you think will win. Bookmakers will set odds for both teams, and you will be paid out less if you win backing the favorites and more if you win backing the underdogs.

Total Sports Bets

These are also called over/under bets and are popular in several different sports. You need to predict whether the total game score will be over or under an amount that your bookmaker sets. If the actual combined score exactly matches the bookie’s projection, most of the mobile sports betting sites that we review will refund all bets. This means this type of ice hockey betting is a little less risky and is a great place for novices to start.

Puck Line Bets

These are a less well-known, but can be great for mobile American bettors and are very similar to the MLB run line punts. The favorite team must cover a 1.5 spread for their backers to be paid out, so they have to win by at least two goals. The underdogs need to win outright or lose by only one goal for their supporters to win. This is a great way to punt if you are confident that a favorite will win by a few goals or that an underdog is strong enough to lose by one goal or even to possibly win.

Prop Hockey Bets

Prop, or propositional bets, can be placed in the regular NHL season but they are most popular in the playoffs. They are once-off wagers that are made about very specific occurrences. You can put money down on the performance of individual players, which team will score the first goal and on period scores.

Future bets are an especially exciting type of prop bets and are placed on future events such as which teams will win a tournament. The most popular od these in ice hockey betting is who will win the Stanley Cup, which is the oldest professional sports trophy in America and goes to the team who wins the playoff championships. Over the regular and off seasons and playoffs lines are offered on all teams, so you can watch their performances as you place your bets.

Be on Hockey Matches Today

Now that we have whet your ice hockey betting appetite a little, we hope you feel ready to begin investigating your options yourself. Check out the mobile American betting sites that we have reviewed for a great place to start.