Mobile Cycling Betting USA

Cycling betting in America has always been popular, wand with today’s remote bookmakers it is more convenient and varied than ever before. Now mobile devices have made accessing your favorite sites more convenient than ever, and you can research competitors, stay on top of results and place wagers from wherever you are at any time. To make sure that you get the best from these exciting opportunities, check out our guidelines below before you start.

Bet on Major Cycling Events

A great way to get comfortable with placing cycling bets is to start with the European Grand Tours. These offer every kind of punting possibility, and the skills you use here can then be transferred to all events no matter how big or small they are.

The Tour de France must be the best-known cycling event in the world, and it is truly captivating. At over 3200 kilometers it is grueling and you can track the action in daily heats and as a total event. Its Italian counterpart is the Giro d’Italia, where cyclists travel all across Italy and her neighbors. These two races inspired the Vuelta a España, which showcases Spain’s beauty perfectly. Each of these events offers mobile American punters plenty of different cycling betting options.

Types of Cycling Bets

The stage winner and race winner stakes, together with head-to-head wagers, are the most popular cycling betting options among American punters. For the stage and race winner, you need to name the winner of a certain stage or the overall race. The head-to-head bets are a little easier, because you just need to say which of two cyclists will be ranked higher after a specific stage or race.

As your confidence grows you may also want to try more exotic and event-specific bets, such as the Tour de France Polka Dot Jersey (King of the Mountains) which is awarded to the rider who performs bets in mountainous terrain, and thrilling live bets. The more time you spend wagering and winning, the more you will know what works best for you.

Cycling Betting Tips

When you are putting your hard-earned cash down on a cycling event, there are several factors to consider. This might sound basic, but one of the major issues is often the weather. This can really impact rider performance, so try to find out projected conditions as close to when you place your wager as you can.

We also recommend that you review the recent performance history of the riders, and try to get information for different altitudes and different terrains. Cycling is a team sport, so you should also try to review your cyclists’ team’s strategy and make sure the game plan is to ride for the most stage wins and points.

Besides our basic tips and the finer strategic points that you will develop as you spend more time on cycling betting, we have one more piece of advice when visiting mobile American bookmakers: manage your bankroll carefully. You want to stay in the race for as long as you can, so you need to back stage winners with bets that are quite small. Spreading smaller stakes across many riders is your best shot at getting strong returns in a sport where predicting winners is always tough.

Go for a Cycling Bet Spin

Putting money on cycling races is challenging, but the risks you take are matched by the rewards you can potentially win. If you investing some time into punting and researching, mobile American bookmakers will reward you well.