NHL Mobile Betting USA

Americans love the NHL and the physical, fast-paced action that these games offer keeps us riveted. NHL betting is therefore a very popular pastime and with the advent of mobile sportsbooks that welcome bettors from the US it’s never been easier or more satisfying to wager on these intense games.

Established in 1917, the National Hockey League has a rich and illustrious history and is considered to be the world’s premier ice hockey league. Attracting players from across the globe, the NHL is made up of thirty clubs, with 7 in Canada and 23 in the USA. For bettors there are plenty of opportunities to wager throughout the season and the highlight of every year are the playoffs, which see the seasons 2 best teams compete for the prestigious Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup game really pulls in the punters and can be very lucrative for any American who correctly predicts the results.

Mobile Betting USA NHL

When it comes to choosing which team to bet on, the decision is often based on team or player loyalty, and the desire to back your favorite or home team. If you want to take a more objective stance on NHL betting you’ll need to wager with more than your heart, and use your head to choose a side or player you think will perform at their best. Mobile betting has made wagering on the NHL so much simpler and you’ll have access to all the information you need regarding statistics, past results, injuries and every other fact that could affect a game’s outcome.

NHL Betting Types

There are a variety of different types of NHL bets and becoming familiar with them will enhance your chances of a winning result. At the US-friendly mobile betting sites we recommend you’ll have access to a number of different types of wagers, including:

Moneyline Bets-This simple bet means you wager on who you think will win the game and your wager is on a set price, rather than a point spread.

Puck Line Bets– In these bets you team must win by the point spread, not just by the moneyline.

Prop Bets– These bets use a moneyline format and relate to game-specific wagers where you must bet on an event or outcome such as which NHL player will score first, or how many goals a player will rack up.

Futures bets– These wager are placed on events well before they take place, so it could be betting on who you think will win the Stanley Cup from early in the season, or which player will be named as the season best.

Over/Under bets– Here you’ll need to predict whether you think the total number of points scored in a game will be above or below what the bookmaker has listed.

Teaser bets– These wagers involve 2+ selections and you can adjust or “tease” the line as you prefer.

Parlays-These bets mean you’ll wager on multiple games on a single ticket and then multiply the odds together, hoping that each of your selections will result in a win. They can be very lucrative but are also tricky and best suited to the experienced bettor.

Bet on the NHL on your Mobile

Whether you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan, mad about the Nashville Predators or an avid follower of the Dallas Stars you’ll find the best NHL betting available at the mobile bookmakers we recommend. You can enjoy all the action and excitement of the games on the go and you can wager from anywhere, at any time. Simply select a site that you see listed here and experience NHL betting at its best.