Mobile NFL Betting

In America betting on the National Football League is incredibly popular with both fans of the sport and those who enjoy a great wagering opportunity. With mobile betting now available at the top US sportsbooks, it’s even easier to wager on NFL games and with Fantasy Football fuelling the fire, bettors have so many opportunities to win big. In America, NFL is one of the most watched sports and there’s nothing to compare to the thrill of having placed a wager and then sitting back and watching the game unfold.

The NFL comprises of 32 teams and training camps kick off from July, with the pre-season games getting going in August. The regular NFL season opens around September and runs till the beginning of January, during which time NFL betting is at its peak. During season the conference and division market are extremely active, with future bets leading up to the Super Bowl drawing in the crowds. Other exotic markets are also available and the NFL betting opportunities are incredible.

If you want to try your hand at NFL betting on your mobile, simply select one of the top rated American-friendly sportsbooks you find listed on this site and join millions of other bettors on their quest to predict a winning outcome.

NFL Betting in the USA

The NFL offers a huge number of betting options, ranging from simple to complex. The US sportsbooks that feature mobile optimized offerings all allow for the same great array of markets to be accessed on the go and everything from point spread and totals to live betting, props, future bets and money lines can be wagered on. NFL betting gives US fans access to a deep and liquid market that attracts an incredibly high volume of wagers every week, making it particularly lucrative and rewarding.

Some of the biggest rivalries within the NFL include the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. The rivalry between these teams is intense and they often go head to head in some of the biggest matches. Rivalry games are a favorite of many US bettors and the attention these games draw often see enhanced odds or other bonuses being offered.

When it comes to mobile NFL betting there are several big events that attract huge wagers, and the season’s best times for betting junkies are:

Opening Day-The season will kick off with a major event, with either a Super Bowl rematch or a rivalry game that will pull in a massive number of bettors and spectators.

Pro Bowl– This is the All Star game in the NFL and although it has no impact on the season’s outcome its great fun to wager on which team you think will emerge victorious.  In the Pro Bowl the best League players take part and live betting in this game can be immensely rewarding.

Super Bowl– Easily Americas largest annual sporting event, the Super Bowl is also the biggest annual event in NFL betting. This final game of the year sees the two top teams of the season take each other on, and the game is always spectacular, and the half time show has become famous for its live acts. Betting on the Super Bowl is an activity every American bettor looks forward to , and with mobile betting now available you can wager as you choose, right up to minutes before the whistle is blown.

Bet on NFL Now

If you fancy a spot of NFL betting why not register with one of our top rated US mobile bookies and enjoy a wager on your favorite team today? If it happens to be off-season you can always try out Fantasy Football and refine your skills before the real teams take to the field in September. Choosing one of our suggested mobile sportsbooks will give you access to the best in NFL betting and you’ll enjoy great odds, a huge array of markets and all the stats and info you need at your fingertips.