Mobile Super Bowl Betting

The National Football League (NFL) of America holds many exciting events throughout the year, culminating in the Super Bowl which is the undisputed highlight for any fan. Besides being a thrill to watch, with the best live entertainment and football in the world to tempt viewers, it is also a joy for punters, with all kinds of Super Bowl betting options on offer. Now, with wireless technology, you can place your wagers and monitor the action whenever and wherever you want to using your mobile handset. To help you make the most of all these superb opportunities, we have put some basic guidelines to Super Bowl bets together.

Point Spread Punts

This is the primary Super Bowl betting method, as in other NFL games. In these bets, the underdog team is listed plus the spread number, and the favorite team is listed minus the number. This means that favorites have to exceed this number and cover the spread before they can win.

These wagers are good for punters in several ways. Firstly, most mobile American bookies charge a low percentage on them, and it is also easy to do in-depth research on the two teams you would need to focus on. They are also very simple to understand, so are a great place to start your Super Bowl betting career.

Spreads will change over time depending how many people put money on each team, but there should not be dramatic fluctuations in Super Bowl spreads except if there are significant injuries, so this is the information you need to watch for.

Moneyline Bets

The straight up moneyline bets don’t involve point spreads, and you simply pick the team you think will win the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Bookies use American, so a negative number is given to the favorite team and its positive counterpart is given to the underdogs. For example, if a strong team is -200 in the moneyline their odds are 2/1 and should win twice in three games. You would have to bet $200 on them to win $100. In the same situation, the underdogs will have 1/2 odds, and a winning $100 would return $200.

Over/under Bets

These are also called total bets, and require you to say whether the final total score will be over or under what your bookmaker predicts it will be. They are very popular at most mobile American betting sites, and are a good idea when you have strong reason to believe a game will have an especially high or low final total score.

Prop Bets

These propositional bets are usually only available on very popular or very special events, so of course Super Bowl betting always offers several. Props are usually in the bet format of one of the types mentioned above, but they are concerned with specific events. These can be quite legitimate, like predicting who will score a touchdown first, but American sportsbooks also often have fun with them and may propose something a little crazy such as picking the color of the Gatorade to be poured on the head of the victors’ coach. Placing bets like this and then watching the results can really add fun to your Super Sunday.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

The sounds, sights and general enjoyment of the day are really maximized by Super Bowl betting. Armed with these guidelines, check out the superb mobile American betting sites we reviewed her and make sure you get your piece of the action.