Mobile Tennis Betting USA

The US Open attracts a huge number of tennis fans in America and the opportunities to bet on this Grand Slam tournament are immense. However at the top US-friendly mobile betting sites you can enjoy so much more than just wagering on this annual event, you can place bets on local and international games at your leisure. There are so many opportunities to indulge in tennis betting and at the bookmakers you find recommended o this site you can experience nonstop action on your iOS or android powered device.

Tennis is an incredibly fast-paced sport and often it can be very unpredictable, leaving spectators sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s the exciting nature of the game that draws in American bettors and makes it an ideal sport for mobile wagering, as you can place your bets right down to the minute in the middle of a match. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile tennis betting more and more Americans are enjoying wagering on this sport and the rewards up for grabs continue to grow.

Types of Mobile Tennis Betting

Just because you are using your mobile to wager from won’t mean you’ll have to reduce your tennis betting options, you’ll still have access to all the same markets and odds as available when wagering on your computer. There are numerous different types of tennis betting available and with all the matches and tournaments taking place all over the world, you can grab your mobile and wager on whatever game you like.

To give you an idea of some of the most popular tennis bets we’ve listed them below and explained a little more to US bettors what they entail:

  • Match bets allow bettors to wager on the winners of individual games, rather than on the winner of a tournament.
  • Outright bets are placed on individual players who you think will make it to the finals of a championship tournament.
  • Set bets let you choose a winner per set, and can even be as detailed as allowing you to predict what the score was.
  • Live betting lets you wager on the game as it happens, often with as little as 2 minutes delay and is ideal for experts who want to analyze the odds as they shift during play.

Tennis Betting Categories

Part of the appeal of tennis betting is that it has several categories. To start with, the sport is divided by singles and doubles games, then separated by gender. In these singles games a match of two players of skill unfolds and bettors can wager on who they think will walk away a winner. In doubles matches there are 4 players competing against each other, and these doubles matches can be single sex or mixed. Men’s, woman’s, doubles, mixed doubles; whatever incantation the game may take, mobile bettors can enjoy an action packed exhilarating experience that will keep them coming back for more.

The top mobile bookmakers in the USA have made tennis betting simple and it’s never been as easy or as accessible. Whether you want to bet on local games or on the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon or other Championships, you can do so at your convenience with the sites that we recommend.